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Why Benidorm is the Ultimate Budget Travel Destination

The summer holidays are coming and everyone is itching to book up and get away from the humdrum of everyday life. The problem is, with so many fantastic destinations to choose from it can be difficult to pick just one! Have you considered travelling closer to home? After all, Benidorm is the perfect holiday destination and is the epitome of fun. With only a short two hour flight from the UK, you can be basking in the Spanish sun in the blink of an eye.

If you want a holiday that screams of fun, bathed in beautiful sunshine and miles of golden coastline, then get on the plane to Benidorm. It hasn’t earned the reputation as mainland Spain’s party capital for nothing. Leave your misconceptions and negative stereotypes of Benidorm behind and be enthralled by the fun vibe, friendly people, good food and entertaining nightlife. There truly is something for everyone in Benidorm and you will be surprised by how much you will love it.

Photo is courtesy of Juan Carlos

For those of you that enjoy basking under the golden sun, then Benidorm’s beaches will prove why this resort is perfect for your summer jaunt. Benidorm’s three beaches offer something to suit all tastes. The main beach being a lively affair, full of entertainment from dawn until dusk. Poniente has a much more relaxed vibe, perfect for those wishing to recuperate from the previous nights antics or simply to get away from the hustle and bustle of the main town centre. Malpas, the third beach in Benidorm, is akin to a hidden cove, surrounded by craggy rocks and cliff tops which makes it ideal for those who want to soak up the Spanish sun in peace and tranquillity, with the added bonus of a picture perfect surroundings. Cheap hotels in Benidorm are plentiful, so be prepared to save a lot of money if you are travelling to the Spanish party town this year. Another bonus added to your already perfect holiday!

The entertainment in Benidorm is obviously a big attraction for those wanting to holiday in Spain and the night time is when Benidorm really comes into its own. The old town is awash with gorgeous eateries and tapas bars, perfect for those wanting a more chilled out affair, while the epicentre of Benidorm is alive with drag acts, karaoke bars, tribute bands and singers, perfect for those wanting to dance the night away. Late night bars are often themed, meaning that there is something to suit all tastes and persuasions. If you want a bustling night life, filled with lively people and evenly livelier, then Benidorm should be your number one destination of choice this summer.

Surprisingly, Benidorm is steeped in a rich history and is littered with pretty little churches, old style cobbled streets and medieval style buildings. The old town is a sublime getaway for those wanting to escape the lively atmosphere of the main town and get a real taste of real Benidorm.

Benidorm will continue to surprise and amaze those who visit its quarters. Benidorm really is a fantastic destination for all.

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