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Venice – A Visit to the Queen of the Sea

Venice, is also commonly known as the queen of the sea is one of the most spectacular tourist’s destination in the world. It is a city located in the north eastern side of Italy. It is a group of about 118 islands connected by bridges and separated by canals. The most spectacular attraction is the scenic views that will take your breath away and the uniquely designed artworks among others.

You can get around the town by boat or gondola, although a good portion and is walkable. Due to its elegance, structure, and unique layout, the whole town is detailed as a UNESCO Globe Culture Website. Venice gets its name from the historical Veneti individuals, who go returning to the Tenth millennium BC. It has gone by many nicknames over the decades, from “the sailing city” to “city of covers.”

If you have any attention in art and structure, Venice is a must-see destination. It attracts roughly 50,000 visitors per day, many of them come to take pleasure from in the record, art, and songs of this timeless place. There are several celebrations throughout the season illustrating an international audience, such as the Venice Biennale, Venice Film Festival, and well-known Circus. Significant attractions consist of the Bridge of Sighs, the Huge Tunnel, St. Mark’s Basilica, and the Piazza San


Venice is one of the most popular tourist destinations due to the unique tourist destination available such as

Beautiful and unique cityscapes
Venice boast of many musical festivals which attracts many tourist due to the cultural, artistic and cinematic productions
Venice hosts major international conferences and other important functions
St Mark’s Basilica, the Grand Canal, the Piazza San Marco and Lido di Venezia, are some of the most popular luxurious destinations in Venice. They attract many visitors, actors, celebrities as well as ordinary tourists.

Since is made up of islands and shallow lagoons, most of the transport is via water and foot. This makes the city unique. Imagine a city in Europe that still relies on water and foot in this day and age. Isn’t that interesting? Virtually anything you find on Venice has made its way there via water. A classic boat in Venice is known as gondola which is used by

Locals to showcase their tourist’s attractions as the main means of transport.
Venice is constitutes of many islands, the canals in between the islands encourage the nautical culture which is the main source of income in the island. The most amazing things about the waterways are
the canal maze, that look attractive and unique they are more than 400 foot bridges that facilitate people’s movement from one island to the other.

Interior designs
City of Venice has some of the finest interior designs in the world. The city boast of some of the most sophisticated designs, the architectural designs are simply out of this world. They have a taste of uniqueness and simply look beautiful. Some of the items that stand to from the cloud include

Colorful Chandeliers made of merino glass

They look vibrant and have a sense of uniqueness and sophistication. Many furniture items such as the “lace povera”, which incorporates images of social life, will definitely take your breath away. There are many pieces of furniture that are having unique designs.
Venice has a wealth of tastefully designed paintings; as a matter of fact you will be impressed by the sophistication in the paintings. The girandole mirrors in Venice are some of the finest in Europe, they unique and come in various shapes and sizes.

Conclusion a vast to Venice “The Queen of the Sea” is something to look forward to, it is worth it and you will find plenty of interesting things from the landscape to the architectural buildings as well as the artworks.

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