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Why People should stay in the UK for their Holidays this Year

If you are looking for a perfect holiday destination this year, then the UK is the ideal choice and not without a load of reasons. Not only is this the land of one of the oldest empires ever, but it is also the land where you will experience rich heritage, beautiful scenery, from the sprawling countryside to enchanting cities and breathtaking coastlines, exciting sporting activities such as soccer, horse riding and so on. You will walk through the cities of history which can be quite exciting and hard to forget. England which is Britain’s largest, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are some of the major places to visit.

These places will offer great attractions, accommodation, ample shopping places, unforgettable nightlife, exciting outdoor activities, great restaurants with great food, festivals, romance and unique cultures. Every place has something to offer for everyone and you will definitely not be disappointed at all.

Experience the Art
The UK has been home to some of the world’s most renowned writers and poets and this is not without reason. This is the land that was home to the likes of Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Rudyard Kipling and many others. The writers have also used this beautiful land as a setting for their stories making the land a great inspiration for famous poems, stories and plays. Modern day writers such as J.K. Rowlings too have been inspired to write and have set their exciting stories on actual places. The film makers too have not failed to notice the beautiful lands of the UK as perfect settings for very famous movies such as the The Da Vinci Code which was shot at the Lincoln Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and Temple church; the Harry Potter films which were shot a the Alnwick Castle, Bodleian Library and Durham cathedral. Many other locations have been great for movie shootings and wouldn’t it be fun to sight see in the very place that your favourite movie or book was set? Walk in the very places that your hero walked?

A taste of British Opera, Theatre and Dance
If you leave UK without sampling some of the world-class opera shows and other great productions found in places such as the Royal Opera House, Royal Exchange Theatre and many others then you will miss out. The are also very creative musicals at Wales Millennium Centre and if you prefer a feel of Scottish, there is a Scottish Opera in Glasgow that is really entertaining. You can cap it by visiting the dancing hub where anything from hip-hop to flamenco is available and quite entertaining.

A Taste of Heritage
A visit to some of the British castles, world heritage sites, stately homes, historic houses, sports stadiums and so on will leave a good feeling in your heart. You will feel as if you are walking through history again.

For the Soccer Fan
Surely you can’t visit the UK and not fail to visit Old Trafford, Emirates, Stamford Bridge and as many football stadiums as you can. Set foot in the stadium where legendary football matches have been played. If you are in the vicinity prior to a crucial game, it is only proper to get yourself a ticket and enjoy the magic of English football.

Exceptional Horse Riding
After you have done everything else, please do not forget to put on those horse riding boots and to go horse riding because this is one activity that will make you want to come back to the UK again and again. If you are short on equipment consider the option to get horse equipment at equestrianclearance.com.  Being on horseback is the perfect way to explore the beautiful countryside. Some of the top riding regions which will no doubt give you the unforgettable experience are Dorset, Dartmoor, Cotswold, Cambria & the Lake District and many others. Being on horseback and enjoying the beautiful land is indeed worth it. You might even pretend to be one of the gentle people of old days and ride in the lands where the royals and the commoners fought wars and lost or won.

UK, the land of Shakespeare, Kipling and the others is no doubt the best, it charmed them then and it still continues to with the increasing number of tourists that visit every year as proof.

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