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The 3 Best Golf Courses in Scotland

Looking for a good game of golf in the lush, green lands of Scotland? Then we’ve got it for you. Golf has been one of the most popular sports in Scotland since the early 1500′s. Since its popularization, there have been over 500 golf courses that are scattered throughout the scenic highlands of Scotland. Out of the hundreds of excellent golf courses that you’ll find in the wide, open spaces of glorious Scotland, we’ve listed the 3 best golf courses in Scotland that will definitely give you the utmost experience in the game that so many in this country love to play.

I am a keen golfer, and have to confess to spending far too much time away from my wife on the course!  I tend to book my golf holidays with yourgolftravel.com.  Without further ado here are my top picks!

1. St. Andrews

There is so much to be said in the golf course where everything there is to golf started. Said to be the “spiritual home of golf”, St. Andrews truly deserves its place as the best place as the top golf course in all of Scotland. In fact, there has been no other golf course where more Opens were held than the course at St. Andrews. With its luscious greenery spanning across the fields, this place is excellent to get your blood pumping for that hole-in-one swing that’ll surely catch the glimpse of every player out there. The 17th hole, popularly known as the Road hole, is said to be the most famous hole in the world. The town is so much into golf that you probably won’t find anyone there that doesn’t know how to play.

2. Muirfield

Home to the oldest golf club in the world, The Honourable Company of Edinburg Golfers, Muirfield stands as an excellent spot for a passionate lover of golf to play on. Feel the historical significance of this place as you enjoy a good game of golf as Muirfield is where the first official rules of the game were drawn up. The golf course is designed quite different compared to most courses; instead of the simple, nine out-nine back layout, the holes of Muirfield are arranged in the form of two concentric rings. This ensures a balance in windiness, as the winds touch you from every direction. The holes are a sure challenge as well: one good example is the 13th hole, situated 191 yards at an uphill streak, is one of the best holes in the open circuit. This golf course is definitely going to give you a real “tee” time, as you enjoy the grandeur of this course, playing with a few of the world’s oldest and best golf clubs.

3. Royal Donorch Golf Club

This mesmerising golf course attracts both professional and amateur golfers from around the globe. People make pilgrimages to this place for its natural links at some point in their lives, and although it takes quite a while to get to Dornoch, the reward you get is truly worth more than the long trip. Dornoch’s isolated location is excellent for its majestic views and summer colours. Every passionate golfer will surely enjoy playing in this great golf course’s holes – the 14th hole, also known as the “Foxy”, is a simple natural hole situated in a classical Donald Ross, measuring around 460 yards. A beautiful white sand beach nearby is also an excellent place to relax after a day’s game, or you can check out Dornoch’s amazing history by visiting the 4,000 year-old settlement. There is much this place offers for every avid golfer, and one will never forget their visit to this world-class golf course.

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