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What to do if you only have $50 to spend in Kenya

The following is an email I received when I asked a friend based in Nairobi for a few ideas on what to do in Kenya if I landed with only $50 in my wallet.  It’s an amazing country and I’ve attached the full email as received here.

Kenya is an East African country that lies on the equator, bordered by the Indian Ocean to the south east. It experiences warm weather throughout the year due to its location in the tropical region. The vast of the country comprise of savannah grasslands that are rich in wildlife. The capital of Kenya is Nairobi. It boosts of various world class hotels that offer different prices for their guests, located within the capital and others scarttered within the parks. Prices of 5-star hotels range from $100 to $150. However, one can obtain cheap accomodation from local hotels that charge as little as $10 to $20 a day.

The following are top 5 things to do for $50 while you are on a visit to Kenya. A visit to the Nairobi National Park is a must. The Park is famed to be the only protected area in the world close to a capital city. The park is located about 7 kilometers from the city centre. The ecosystem is predominant of open grass plain and scattered acacia trees. While you are there, you get to enjoy a variety of wild life species ranging from birds to wild animals. The most common wild animals include Lion, black rhino, leopard, buffalo, cheetah, girrafe, wildbeast, hyena and others.
Other attractions in the park:
(i) Ivory burning site monument.
(ii) Nairobi safari walk.
(iv)Walking trails at hippo pools.
(i)By road, a distance of about 10 kilometers.
(ii)By air via Wilson Airport nor Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.
(iii)Entrance fee is $5.

A visit to Kenya cannot be thrilling without making a trip to the coastal city, Mombasa, where there are sandy beaches with an exiting aqua fauna. The beaches experinces warm climate throughout the year due to their location in the tropics.
Major attractions include:
(i)Warm beaches
(ii)Marine reserves
(iii)Water sports
(iv)Historical sites
(v)Malindi Marine National Park
Transport prices from the capital city range from $16 by bus and $90 by air.

For those who love mountaineering, Mt. Kenya is the ultimate place to visit. Located in central Kenya, Mt. Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa. It is located about 93 miles from the capital centre. Though the mountain is in the tropical region, it is covered by an ice cap. The mountain is 5,188 metres above sea level.
Major attractions
(ii)Mt. Kenya National Park
(iii)Nature walks
(iv)Unique montane and Alpine vegetation
(i)By road, cost of about $10
(ii)By air, cost of about $50
The weather varies with the altitude.

Another major attraction is Maasai Mara Game Reserve. This is where you experience a real African safari. The game reserve is known as the home of the big five, or the big cats. This is where you experience the annual great migration of about one and a half million zebras, gazelles and wildbeests across the cocodile infested Mara river.
Transport ranges from $20 by road and $50 by air from the capital city.

One should also consider taking a trip to Aberdares National Park. The park has a beautiful sceneries such as cascading waterfalls and topographical features such as deep ravines that are fascinating to watch.
Major activities include:
(i)Game viewing
(ii)Bird watching
Most of these destinations charge between $8 and $20 for food. Security is well accorded. The next time you think of a safari, think Kenya.

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