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4 reasons why a Spa Gift Voucher makes a great birthday present

Purchasing birthday gifts can be a nightmare, especially if you’re not sure of what your friend or family member would like. Sometimes despite peoples best intentions, they choose gifts that the recipient will never take out of the box. If you’d like to purchase a gift that your friend or family member is guaranteed to appreciate, then give them a spa gift voucher.  I am a self confessed cheapo (look at the website name!) and in my experience spabreaks.com offer the best spa vouchers London has to offer.  Go check them out people!

1. You can gift a spa gift voucher to anyone
A spa gift voucher is a wonderful gift as it’s suitable for men and women of all ages. You can gift a spa gift voucher to a colleague, friend, parent, grandparent or child. After all most people enjoy the chance to relax and be pampered.

2. The recepient can choose how they spend their voucher
The great thing about spa gift vouchers is that the recipient can spend it as they so choose. The options are endless. Most spas offer massages, facials, pedicures, manicures and body treatments such as skin wraps. By giving someone a spa gift voucher you give them the choice to enjoy whichever treatment they feel like they’d enjoy.

3. Most people find it hard to pamper themselves

Another great reason to gift a spa gift voucher is that most people find it difficult to spend money towards pampering themselves. So many people prioritize their family’s needs before their own. By treating your friend or family member to a few hours or a day at the spa you’re giving them the opportunity to pamper themselves without feeling guilty.

Spa gift vouchers make particularly good gifts for parents as often parents are too busy looking after their children to take a day off for themselves. If a parent is gifted a spa voucher their children also benefit as their parent is likely to be rejuvenated and happy after a day at the spa.

A spa gift voucher is also a great gift for hard working high school or college students, who may not ordinarily be able to afford such treatments.

A birthday is a special occasion, so don’t feel as if you have to gift a practical or mundane present. Use the opportunity to put a smile on your friend or family members face and gift them with a present that they’ll actually enjoy.

After all most people would choose a day at the spa over another pair of socks, or clothes that are two sizes too small. Perhaps it’s not reasonable to visit a spa every week, but everyone deserves a day at the spa on their birthday.

4. Spa gift vouchers don’t need to be redeemed straight away

Another great advantage to gifting a spa gift voucher is that normally the recipient has a full year to claim their treatments. Some recipients may choose to hold on to their voucher until a later date, especially if they have a special event marked in their calendar. As an example, a recipient may choose to redeem their gift voucher after running a marathon or giving an important presentation at work.

So next time you’re stuck trying to choose a birthday gift, why not make shopping simple and purchase a spa gift voucher? It’s one gift that is guaranteed not to end up at the back of your friend or family member’s closet.

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