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Affordable Holidays around the World

Travelling through Morocco:

Morocco is a country with a variety of things to see and do, if you’re into history, adventure or relaxation, it offers it all. There are some undeniable activities that would make your travels through Morocco complete, each of them guaranteeing you to have an authentic Moroccan experience.

Home of fabulous cuisine, beautiful languages, their unique culture and stunning historical sites, it is hard to pick the best experiences to see and do from the vast array. As a gateway to the High Atlas Mountains, a holiday to Marrakech is an adventurer’s delight, offering unforgettable trekking experiences found nowhere else in the world. You’ll find an amazing verdant forest area if you hike out of the valley toward the mountains. See Berber homes along the bottom of the mountains whilst the trails wind toward the summits.

One thing’s for sure, travel to Morocco once and you’re sure to be back for more, one visit to this mesmerising land just isn’t enough.

Group holiday in Scotland:

Whether you want to go to Scotland with friends, family or even a group of colleagues, it’s guaranteed to be a fantastic group holiday and very affordable if you book far in advance. The most difficult part of organising a group holiday is finding the destination that suits everyone, which is why Scotland is the perfect choice.

For those who wish to spend their break shopping and experiencing the nightlife, it has the cosmopolitan cities. Or for those who are more outdoorsy, they are surrounded by magnificent countryside, so it’s a win win!

Scotland hosts a huge selection of holiday homes, including a variety that sleeps 12 or more. This can also work out a cheaper option if there’s plenty of you sharing.

All inclusive family holiday in France:

France is a popular destination for family holidays particularly because it is easy accessible by car and provides great opportunities to keep young families busy.

Each region of France has a distinct flavour, no matter what sort of European vacation you’re looking for, be it restful, active or culinary, you’re sure to find it in France.

If there is one holiday phenomenon that is taking over the nation nowadays, it is the all Inclusive holiday. As we focus more on value and cut backs on overall expenditure, it is vital not to overspend on our holidays. More and more tour operators now offer these cost conscious, budget setting breaks and of all places France has one to cover any individual’s needs.


I hope this has given you an insight into what you might fancy for a change of scenery when booking your next trip. With a bit of research, there are some fantastic deals out there, whilst still offering you a whale of a time!


This is a guest post from Eve at Top Backpacking Destinations which offers a guide on budget travel destinations in Europe and around the world

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