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Exploring Barcelona on a shoe string budget

The city of Barcelona is one of the most beautiful places in Spain from the historic sites to the amazing architectural designs that grace the streets. Exploring this city on a budget can be complicated and therefore it is imperative to be aware of a number of things about the city in the planning of going to enjoy the luxury provided in the place.

The planning of the trips needs to be well detailed and looked into so that the stay will be worthwhile. The following are some of the things to note: Accommodation; the city provides apartments that are fair and may cost as low as 21euros per night in some places. The prices are also quite competitive making it easy to locate a place to spend a holiday. The cost of any apartment varies with its location and size. Those close to the beach are more expensive as well as the bigger apartments. The cost of living; it is not an expensive place to inhabit making it one of the relative priced cities to reside in Europe. For example, the average cost of groceries in day is about 23euros.

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A bottle of beer from a supermarket goes for about 2euros while a glass of beer in an Irish bar costs 5euros and a for a movie ticket one needs to cough up at least 7euros. With such fair prices, it should be appealing to any pocket. Transportation in the city; it is quite easy to get your way around the city due to the elaborate transport systems such as trains, buses, taxis and the tram services. One can also hire or rent a car to use it in touring the city. The average cost of using a taxi is 7euros for a ten-minute ride. Trams are suitable since they move with the same speed as the car. Tourists are encouraged to buy tickets that cover zone 1 where there are many attractions. Weather; it is relatively fair with mild summers and winter. The best months to visit are between May and July since they are hot while august is much hotter though.
It does not snow or rain a lot during the winter months as much as they are cold averaging about 12 degrees. This means that the city is open for most months without the climate being a major concern in the daily life of the place; it is friendly in most months. The issue of security; There are a number of measures that have been put in place to improve the safety of the people residing and visiting there. There is the Mossos d’ Esquadra dealing with local security, the Guardia Civil manning entry points and deal with customs and the Guardia Urbana who maintain public order and there heavy presence on the streets is easily noticeable.

Looking back, exploring Barcelona on a budget is a good thing, as it will make it easier to enjoy the stay. However, by first understanding the city gives you an insight of what to expect and how to adjust financially. It also gives the confidence on what to do on arrival.

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