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Luxury Holiday Destinations for Families with Teenagers

It is difficult to keep the family holidays going when your kids enter their teenage years. For one thing, older teenagers prefer to spend time with friends than travelling with family – keeping perennially distracted teenagers interested and occupied on a family holiday can be a challenge! Picking the wrong holiday destination where teenagers have little space or occasion to spend their pent-up energy can turn a holiday into a disaster. Fortunately for you, we’ve dug through luxury family holiday destinations and come up with three ideal spots that will appeal to teenagers of every age:

1. Athens, Greece
If you can overlook the economic turmoils engulfing Greece at the moment, you’ll find an ancient land waiting to be explored. The Greek capital of Athens is a virtual paradise for history buffs, with hundreds of ruins to explore and rocky hillsides to roam. Teenage kids especially love the allure of antiquity that surrounds this land. Families that seek a little more adventure can even opt to roam through the Grecian mainland on bikes and take boat tours to the many islands dotting the coasts.

Hotel Grande Bretagne in Athens is the perfect choice for a luxurious family holiday. Located opposite the famous Syntagma Square in the heart of the city, this 19th century hotel boasts a rich history that is reflected in its antique furniture and opulent decor. Hotel Grande Bretagne is the perfect place to start a tour of Athens from, with many historical sites within minutes distance from the hotel. Families with teenagers will appreciate the many adventure tours that can be booked right at the hotel itself.

2. Los Angeles, California, United States
Few teenagers would be unfamiliar with Los Angeles, the home of Hollywood and the heart of California. Adventure and excitement awaits every family in this massive metropolis that attracts people from all walks of life. Hit up the famous Universal Studios in Hollywood or take a stroll along the iconic Venice Beach. Teenagers would love to step into their favorite Hollywood icons’ shoes on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at the famous Hollywood Boulevard. Few places in the world have the same potential for adventure as Los Angeles.

The SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills is the perfect launchpad for a luxurious Los Angeles trip. Located in the famous ‘home of the stars’ at Beverly Hills, SLS Hotel is a modern hotel with all the facilities you would expect from a luxury resort. Floating beds, invisible walls, and Philippe Starck designed furnishings greet you in your room. Located just minutes distance from Rodeo Drive and a short drive from Santa Monica beach, you’ll have a wild of a time in Los Angeles at the SLS Hotel.

3. Auckland, New Zealand
Auckland in New Zealand is paradise for families with teenagers, with seemingly endless opportunities for adventure. Travel through the wilderness where the famous Lord of the Rings Trilogy was shot, or explore the historic city of Auckland with its hip Victorian villas. Teenagers will fall in love with the young, energetic vibe of the city which boasts the largest Polynesian of any city in the world.

Hotel DeBrett is located in the heart of Auckland. With its contemporary, edgy art-deco architecture, the hotel oozes an air of effortless style. Sample local cuisine at the hotel’s kitchen, or explore the urban offerings of the city from this coolest of Auckland hotels.

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