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One More Trip to Moscow

Moscow was center of power during the period of might United Soviet Socialist Republic. After the fall of Soviet Union, it’s important as a power center has gone. However, it has developed a lot as a business center. Its geographical importance as the northern most mega city in the earth facilitated its development further. My trip to Moscow was purely an official one. Our company has many business interests in this city and there came a problem with some of our customers. Company dedicated me on the solving those problems.

My first step was to take the details of cheap tickets. As I was supposed go with cheapest available ticket in airline, I had to do hard work in that area. Moscow has emerged as a major business center not only in Europe but in the world. Hence many major airlines such as Air Canada, Aero Mexico etc are plying flights to Moscow. There are a large number of cheap flights to Moscow too. I have purchased one of the cheap tickets to Moscow and reached there on time. Though, the problems were a bit serious I could solve everything very effectively. Happy with my work the company allowed me to stay over there for another ten days. I too was happy in that decision as I can see the city.

Moscow Kremlin was the first place I visited there. It is an old fortress which has been turned to the house of Russian President now. Though the visitors are not allowed everywhere due to security reasons, they are allowed to visit the lawn in front of the fortress and also some parts of it. Even that part visit will fill your mind with pleasure.

There are a good number of bars and pubs and all are crowded. It seems that the people are enjoying the freedom which they got after the fall of the iron curtain. On those days, people lived there with scare and fear. The room boy in my hotel told some horrible incidents which happened on those days. No news has come out of the iron curtain.

Next day I visited the cathedral of Christ the savior. It has been demolished during the communist period and reconstructed later. The Red Square, which was the main meeting place for the public during the Soviet regime continued to be like that. The only difference is that now the people can air their views without fearing the shadow police.

There are many museums and parks which also attract a large number of visitors both from inside and outside the nation. I really enjoyed each and every moments I spent there. Still I am not satisfied and hence I have planned for one more trip to Moscow in the near future.

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