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Try a Cycling Holiday Through Costa Rica and Panama

Cycling is a great way to get to know the world from a unique perspective. You are close enough to the open road to really experience the place you’re travelling in, but it’s quicker than walking and easier to pack the things you need to keep you going on a long journey. One great cycle ride is the journey from Costa Rica to Panama, which gives cyclists a chance to get to know first had one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Costa Rica and Panama are both situated in Central America. Panama is the southernmost country in the region, and bordered by Colombia in South America. Just above Panama, sits Costa Rica. The capitals of both cities, San Jose in Costa Rica and Panama City in Panama, are separated by around 300 miles, or 500 km, and the Panama Canal.

Although the distance seems great, even with a few stops for sightseeing, on bike you can easily do around 30 miles a day, which should see you complete the trip in around 10 days. You won’t be cycling all the way either, as some of the journey will include short ferry crossings, including the one across the famous canal.


One of the most popular routes to get from Costa Rica to Panama is to start in San Jose, and begin making your way down to Costa Rica via various well-known cities along the east coast. You will travel through cities including Cahuita and Bocas del Toro. Although neither country is particularly dangerous, it is best to stick to these well-worn paths just to be on the safe side.

Another advantage of sticking this route is that you’ll be able to find lots of reasonably priced hostels along the way. The cycle down from San Jose includes some travel along the Pan American highway, however, along the route there are also lots of rural paths where you’ll see local villages, beautiful coastline and rain forest.

Because the route is well catered for cyclists, there are lots of places to get refreshments and food along the way, so you shouldn’t have to pack too much in the way of supplies. You will need some accessories and travel items for the journey though like cameras or iPods so be sure to check out various travel sets and Achicafor the latest trends. It can also be useful to take a big bag of rice just in case of emergencies. Dry foods like rice are extremely cheap to buy in the region, they also keep well and are easy to prepare.

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