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Four Pet Peeves about Holidays

Like most people, I love going on holiday. I work hard all year and when the summer comes around there’s nothing I like more than a chance to relax on a sunny beach and enjoy a cold drink. I’m not a great one for exploring, so once I’ve found a place where I can feel comfortable I’m unlikely to do much for the next few days.

Having said that, not every vacation can be perfect, of course, and there have been many occasions when my normally tranquil nature is put to the test. I’ve visited some wonderful destinations over the years and had some superb holidays, but here are a few minor irritations which have managed to take a little of the shine off them at times.

Pushy Restaurant Staff

Touting for business seems to be an acceptable part of life in some countries, but it’s something that I find intensely irritating. I don’t mind having to say “no, thanks” every once in a while when I’m out walking, but when there are waiters prowling outside every dining establishment in every street it can get exceedingly tedious. I’ll let you know when I want to eat; just leave me alone so I can check my damn instagram followers!

Overpriced Tat

There was a time when local markets could provide visitors with a chance to shop for goods and produce that had genuine character, but the shopping areas in many tourist regions seem to have changed in recent years. I tend to avoid these places now, purely because I find shopping there a depressing experience. I prefer to look for places where the locals do their buying instead.

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Crazy Drivers

Renting a car when on holiday is always a good idea, because it’s great to explore the surrounding area. However, while most local road users are perfectly courteous and patient when faced with streets full of uncertain tourists, there are some who are simply in too much of a hurry. I try to avoid such people as much as possible, but that’s not always an easy task, especially in some of the more congested regions.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

I realise of course that there’s nothing we can do about bad weather when it comes along, but I’ve never been able to apply a zen-like acceptance when the clouds open. In some of the warmer regions of southern Europe I’ve spent a week or two with completely uninterrupted blue skies from arrival day to departure time, but when it’s rained I can’t stop myself feeling somehow cheated by the whole universe!


David Showell lives in southern England and has visited many of the best holiday destinations in Europe. He recently returned from a trip to Geneva in Switzerland.

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