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How To Move Around New York On Budget

For most explorers, their main aim is to do as much exploring for as little as possible. Exploring New York is no different. It can be quite hectic exploring New York on a budget. However, you can find some good deals that will make your visit and stay in New York enjoyable. New York is a very good place to visit. Located in the United States it is divided into four cities; Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens, Richmond all would be very good places to explore.

Finding Good accommodation on a tight budget

The first thing that you must be concerned about is finding good accommodation. New York unfortunately has accommodation that is quite expensive. The least amount of money that you can pay for a decent hotel is $100. This is a good price as you are guaranteed a bath and your safety is taken care of. This price can double during busy times.
For those who want cheaper but still private rooms, Vanderbilt YMCA is a good alternative. The only downside is that you will have to share a bathroom. Not bad for the amount of money that you will save and the convenience that you are to get from staying here. The rate is roughly $80. A main thing to consider when getting good accommodation, and staying in New York in general is its safety. You should ensure that you find a good neighborhood with guaranteed safety.

New York efficient transport system

New York does not disappoint in terms of good transport. If you are on a budget, air transport may be out of the question. However, there are other alternatives. A good one is by the use of taxis. They are quite cheap especially if you are using it for short trips. They are also quite safe and can really be an asset while travelling at night. Buses and subways are also very convenient because they can go almost anywhere and still be cheap. It would be good to always travel with a map so as not to get lost.

New York Weather
New York weather fluctuates a lot from the cold Januarys to the hot Augusts. A good month to visit New York would be during October as the weather is a mixture of both warm and cold. But those needing who crave the New York warmth in their visit, August would be quite ideal. Because June marks the start of summer, it is quite warm and very ideal for strolls.

If you are wondering what to do in such an expensive place do not worry. There are lots of exhibitions to go. There are street artists that can take your portrait for a small fee. When you are in New York go to and have a tour of the lady of liberty. It is a very breath taking once in a life time opportunity. As you are able to see the large area of New York. Also do take some time out for New Yorks night life. Even if it just strolling down the side walk you will be infected by the energy in the air. It is truly a city that does not sleep.

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