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Top Tips to Cut the Cost of your Next Holiday

Going on holiday is something we all look forward to, and for many this is the highlight of their year. However, with living costs rising and household budgets under increasing strain, more and more people are finding it difficult to afford – and in some cases justify – the cost of a week or two away in the sunshine.

However, with the long hours that many people work, the stresses of daily life and the lack of quality time that many families get to spend together, the annual holiday is far more than just a chance to get some sunshine for most people. It is a chance to enjoy real quality time with loved ones, recharge the batteries, get away from the health-damaging stresses of daily life and rest the body and mind.

5 ways to slash the cost of a holiday

If you’ve done your number crunching and decided that you can’t afford a holiday, there are some tips that can help to bring costs down and could make it viable to grab a week away from the stress of daily life.

5 ways in which you can cut the cost of your next holiday include the following:

  • Grab a last-minute break: Being spontaneous can be quite exciting, and by being spontaneous when it comes to holidays, you could grab yourself a bargain last-minute break. You can still book the time off work for your holiday in the normal way. However, rather than getting your holiday all organised well in advance, wait until a week or a few days before you want to travel and look for last-minute deals and bargains.
  • De-clutter and raise some cash: Most people are amazed at the amount of stuff they have in the house that they neither want nor need that they could raise money from. For example, if your wardrobe is stuffed full of clothes you no longer wear, find a ‘we buy clothes for cash’ site and sell them to make some cash towards your holiday. If you have an old mobile phone around that you no longer use, recycle it and get some money back on it. You will probably find loads of things you can sell and recycle in order to raise some money for your holiday.
  • Get online and do some research: Some people are used to booking their holidays through brochures and travel agents in the form of a package holiday. However, you can often get some fantastic deals if you book your flights and accommodation separately via the internet. Get online and compare the prices on flights and hotels in the area you want to travel to – this can work out considerably cheaper than the package holiday price.
  • Be flexible: The more flexible you can be when it comes to your travel dates and times, the more likely you are to bag a bargain. Flights and accommodation can be cheaper on some days compared to others, so take a look and get a feel for when the cheapest days to travel and stay will be. Also, if you are flexible with your destination, all the better. If you are looking for a week away in the sun with nice beaches and plenty of entertainment, you don’t have to head to the Maldives or the Caribbean. You will find much cheaper options far closer to home, such as mainland Spain or the Canaries.
  • Consider a staycation: If the sunshine and beaches are not all that important to you, and your main aim is to spend quality time with your loved ones, you can consider a staycation. There are plenty of places you can go within the UK, with something to suit most tastes and preferences. While you may not be able to guarantee the weather, you will enjoy the money-saving benefits of not having to pay for flights.

With a little thought and forward thinking, you can make it easier and more affordable to enjoy that precious week or two away from the toils of daily life.

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