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Travel France on a Budget

If you have been putting off your French vacation because of budget constraints, there is something that you should know. A trip to France need not be a costly affair anymore. The euro may get stronger against other currencies, but you don’t have to take a hit. There are ways in which you can have a great time during your holiday in France, while saving a few Euros here and there. Here are a few tips that can help you make the most of your budget vacation in France.

Choose Inexpensive Accommodation

The cost of accommodation in France can differ depending on the place you wish to stay. If you choose places like Paris or Cannes, you will have to shell out a lot of Euros even for a decent place to stay. So consider making your stops in smaller towns, as far as possible. When you have to stay in Paris, look for lodging in the Suburbs, which are easily accessible through the Metro or the suburban train lines (RER).

If you have to stay within city limits, look at cheaper options. For instance, if you always stayed at a 4-star hotel, look for a 3-star or a 2-star hotel to cut down costs. In case you are planning to stay longer at a particular place, go for vacation rentals instead of hotels. This will reduce your costs significantly. The adventurous types can even consider the option of home exchange or camping for free.

Getting Around

When you are a tourist, you end up spending a lot of money traveling to one place of interest to another. One way to curb spending on conveyance in France is to get a Rail Pass and travel by train as far as possible. Carry lesser luggage when you have a small budget. That way, you won’t have to spend money on hiring rental cars for getting around. You can use public transportation and the rail, but avoid taxis as they can cost you heavily.

Food and Drink

To save money on your trip, you should eat like the French do.  Instead of eating at hotels and restaurants, go for the meals offered by the local cafes. One way to manage your spending on food is to get breakfast at the cafes, have a heavy French meal for lunch and end the day with a light dinner, consisting of a sandwich or a pastry.

Plan Ahead

To make your budget vacation a success, plan for everything ahead and stick to it. For starters, plan your vacation in the off-season, when there is not a lot of tourist traffic in the country. Also, consider visiting places that are not expensive. Cities like Paris and Cannes should not be your option for staying, unless you are looking for a pricy holiday. Also, avoid carrying too much of your country’s currency there. Have a proper budget and ensure that you have converted the necessary amount into Euros before you leave. And avoid approaching money conversion companies at all costs.

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