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Travelling Canada On A Budget

We are one of the fastest growing nations on the planet, with a wealth of history, industry and hidden gems to be discovered. So it is hard to believe that so many of us have never travelled around our own country. One of the main reasons that people have been cutting down on their travel over the past few years is simply money – with the cost of utilities, auto payments and living rising every year, stretching our budgets to include holidays can be difficult, but it can be done. Before looking at how you can have your dream holiday on a tight budget, you need to look at what money you have set aside. It is also important to remember, that if you run into a financial emergency whilst travelling, like medical costs or an auto repair, you could look into getting a fast cash loan in Canada. This will help you sort the emergency out whilst you are away and not let it hang over your head, leaving you free to enjoy your holiday. Once you know what you have to spend then here are the best places to visit on a limited budget.

Niagara Falls

To start off a budget tour around this beautiful country, it has to start at Niagara Falls. There is nothing more iconic than visiting the falls (this is assuming that you aren’t lucky enough to live next to them.)

The main thing to  consider when taking a trip to Niagara Falls is the location of your hotel – you have two options; firstly you can stay in one of the many hotels with views from your room of the Falls, or secondly you could choose to stay slightly further away and have easier access to other local amenities – it is also cheaper the further from the Falls you are.

One of the best budget hotels for this area is the Sheraton Hotel, with rooms looking over the Canadian Falls located close to the viewing area of Queen Victoria Park. The rooms are spacious and the location is perfect for getting to witness the views and local eateries. One of the best perks of this budget hotel is that they offer a shuttle service to other areas within close vicinity, this costs around $10-$15.


Calgary is fast become the nations favourite city – even voted as the number 1 city to visit in Canada by CTV News. As with any city, there are a wealth of attractions to see and do, that for most part, are completely free! One of the best things about taking a trip to Calgary this year is the blend between inner city museums and outer city wilderness. This makes it a much more budget friendly, as exploring the local nature reserves and parks won’t cost you a Cent.

Starting with the inner city, one of the most loved attractions is the Nickle Galleries. This beautiful art gallery has been placed up there with some of the best loved galleries in Europe and a trip here is free. It is family friendly, with a variety of interactive displays to keep the kids entertained and enough pieces of art to keep you engaged for a day. If you are travelling to Calgary with your family then it may also be worth visiting the Military Museum. Also free, this is one of the most family friendly museums available (and take a picnic as it will take a full day to get around it all.)

If you love getting back to nature, then there is no better place to be than in Canada. Let’s face it, we have a wealth of sprawling wilderness and some of the best wildlife the world has to offer. A great place to visit in order to get up close to some of the local wildlife is the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and Nature Reserve. Again this is a free attraction, located on the Bow River. The sanctuary has over 200 species of native and migratory birds, as well as the century-old Colonel Walker House. Come and see if you can catch a glimpse of an eagle or two.

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