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What are the advantages of an all-inclusive holiday?

A holiday is all about getting away from it all, escaping the daily grind and completely relaxing – whatever it is you enjoy doing while you’re away. However, a bargain all-inclusive holiday has even more to recommend it as it means everything is sorted for you.

Read on to find out more about some of the key benefits to booking an all-inclusive getaway.

Value for money

Arguably the greatest advantage to planning an all-inclusive trip is the value for money it provides you – so long as you shop around. Indeed, if you really want to score a bargain it is worth doing your research before you order your package to make sure that it really is the bargain it portrays itself as.

Look at how the currency of the country you are visiting is doing and how much you can get for your sterling. Remember that once you have booked your trip, you can stop worrying about the currency exchange rate as it will no longer affect you.

Check out tips and reviews left by other holidaymakers on what prices were like in the towns and cities they visited in the destination you are headed to. If they found that they had to fork out large sums for meals or drinks, you could save a substantial sum of money by booking an all-inclusive package.

Sticking to a budget

When you’re on a tight budget, going on holiday can cause more stress than it relieves. While you might have saved up to pay for your getaway gradually, buying the flights, hotel and insurance when you had the funds, you will still need cash once you arrive to pay for your meals and entertainment. That is, unless you go on an all-inclusive break.

As well as saving you money, an all-inclusive holiday can be incredibly beneficial if you are keen to stick to a budget. You might have arranged the trip some time ago but since then your financial circumstances have changed, such as if you or your partner have lost a job. However, because everything – accommodation, food, drink, entertainment – has been paid for, you can still jet off for a well-earned break without worrying.


If you want to feel pampered and as though your every whim is being taken care of, this type of trip is the way forward. You won’t need to worry about scouting the city to find an affordable restaurant serving top quality nosh, or about looking for a bar for a pre-dinner drink if your hotel doesn’t have one.

This is because all of this has been taken care of on an all-inclusive holiday. Often, the resorts offering this type of package are large complexes providing everything their guests could possibly want within one place. This means they have an on-site restaurant – or even a selection of eateries – and a bar where you can go throughout the day to tuck into breakfast, lunch and dinner. All of this without spending anything, as you will already have paid for it.

Many of these resorts run a kids’ club where your children can enjoy plenty of entertainment throughout the day, and again this is often included in your package. When the sun sets, there may even be a selection of entertainment for you to enjoy – and you’ll have been able to experience all of this without taking your purse out once.

Having everything organised for you means you can really allow yourself to relax, and upon your return home you will feel refreshed and raring to go.

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