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What to Pack on Your Trip to Las Vegas

If you are heading to Las vegas any time soon then aside from the usual you pack in your suitcase, like socks and underwear etc, there are some important and fun things you should include. If you’re traveling a good ways by car, train, or plane, think about bringing along things that will make the getting to and from part of your trip more enjoyable. Nothing is worse than traveling for hours, even days, with nothing to do but watch the miles roll by. Your holiday starts the moment you head out the door, so make it count and here is a list of the best gadets you can take with you!

Dynaspine Inflatable Roll

While traveling to Las Vegas, you want to be comfortable. If you’re flying, you know that airplane seating can be cramped and relaxing is a challenge. With the Dynaspine inflatable lumbar roll, you’ll be able to add support to your back and neck which can relieve pain and discomfort often associated with less-than-ideal seating. Because it’s inflatable, you can adjust it to your comfort level. You want to be fresh and ready to go when you hit the casinos, so make comfort your number one priority when traveling.

Braun Series 7-shaver

For you men, the Braun Series 7-shaver allows you to keep up your clean-cut image with little effort. After all, while in Vegas there will be a lot of first impressions. The Braun is battery operated and the battery can last up to a week. It’s the perfect shaver to take along with you if you’re planning on hitting all the hot spots in Vegas. That five o’clock shadow doesn’t have a chance with this shaver. Make those first impressions memorable ones.

Playstation Vita

If you’ve just got to have your games, the Playstation Vita (PS Vita) allows you to download games to the console without adding the bulk of cartridges to take up baggage space. The five-inch touchscreen offers high-resolution graphics, and the console supports Bluetooth, wi-fi, and 3G (optional). Whether you’re trying to prevent boredom or are trying to avoid conversation with the stranger sitting next to you, the PS Vita is a good way to pass the time.

Jawbone Jambox

This is a cool way to share music with your traveling companions, whether they like it or not. It’s about the size of a brick, though much lighter. It’s wireless too, and fully portable. You can use it with your cellphone, tablet, and game console. You can use it while traveling and as a party starter once you hit Vegas. No matter where you are you can break out the Jawbone Jambox and pump up the volume to keep your guests very happy.

Worldwide Triple USB Charger

While in Las Vegas, you’ll need something to be sure your electronic gadgets stay powered up. With the Worldwide Triple USB Charger you can charge three devices at one time, like your cellphone and iPod. This one charger eliminates the need for multiple chargers, saving packing space and headaches. All you need is a USB cord that fits your device which in turn plugs into the charger. Plug it into the wall outlet and you won’t have to worry about forgetting anything when you’re ready to hit the Las Vegas Strip.

Olympus Tough TG-320

Of course, while you’re in Las Vegas, you’ll want to take lots of pictures. This camera is just perfect for all conditions and for people who aren’t exactly graceful. You can drop it on hard surfaces or in water without damaging it. After all, things can get pretty crazy in Vegas, so having a dependable camera is a must. You can even take pictures under water when you’re partying at the pool.

Bio – This article was written by Ross a freelance travel blogger who writes at blog.netflights.com and loves Las Vegas!

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